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Plan to improve parish life

North Mymms Parish Plan logo
North Mymms Parish Council is promoting and funding the production of a parish plan aimed at improving life in the area.

A steering group, which is independent of the parish council and comprised of local residents, has been set up and members want as many people as possible to submit their ideas about how the life in the communities of Welham Green, Brookmans Park, Little Heath and the surrounding area can be changed for the better.

A letter with a response form has being distributed asking residents to submit five ideas for improvements. Responses can be returned by post or by email. Anyone who wants help the steering group with some of the task associated with the production of the plan is also invited to put their name forward. A number of drop in meetings are planned for early next year.

Parish plans

A parish plan is a document, produced by a steering group of local residents after wide consultation. The findings can be used to influence the strategic direction of the parish, working with various public bodies.

Hertfordshire Highways, for example, now looks for a parish plan or community consultation before considering and prioritising works of improvement.

There are 133 rural parishes in Hertfordshire. So far 25 have completed parish plans and 26 are either considering or in the process of producing a parish plan.

The newly formed and growing steering group for North Mymms currently has 14 members but needs more to help with the community consultation process and to analyse the ideas put forward by residents and businesses in the parish.

The responses to this initial leaflet will help the steering group judge what issues are important to people of all ages living or working in the parish.

The issues raised can be small or large, they may be readily achievable in a short time scale or they may be more difficult to resolve even in the long-term.

The steering group will discuss the issues with various organisations and then put together a questionnaire for everyone in the community. The results will then be used to help write the plan and highlight areas for action.

You can discuss the North Mymms parish plan in this site's forum.

26 October 2008

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