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Parking problems escalate

Brookmans Park station car park
The station car park
The closure of Brookmans Park station car park for a month, for the introduction of a payment system, is continuing to cause parking issues along local roads.

Some residents say it is now difficult for service vehicles to negotiate Westland Drive, Oaklands Avenue and other local roads because commuters are parking there rather than at the station.

A debate about the station car park changes, and the impact on the local community, is continuing in this site’s forum.

First Capital Connect say the car park has been taken over by National Car Parks (NCP).

A spokesperson for NCP was unable to confirm the future cost for parking at Brookmans Park station, although he was able to say that "it won’t be free anymore."

First Capital Connect has a brochure on its site setting out how to pay for parking in advance at other stations in the area, although Brookmans Park has not yet been added to that list and there are no prices given.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

3 October 2008

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