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Travellers site identified

A travellers site in the southern England
A travellers site in southern England
The green belt society says an area of land in North Mymms has been identified as a possible site for a pitch for travellers.

Welwyn Hatfield Council is required by law to assess the accommodation needs for the travelling community and to provide ‘adequate accommodation in suitable places.’

Independent research, carried out last year, concluded that there were not enough legal and permanent sites in northern and eastern Hertfordshire and that there was a need for 45 pitches by 2012.

According to the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS), the site identified by the report is to the south side of Bulls Lane and extends from opposite the entrance to Linden Lodge for about 800m eastwards.

It is about 18 acres of land and big enough for 17 pitches.

NMDGBS says it has been advised by Welwyn Hatfield Council that the report provides a starting point for the preparation of the Local Development Framework (LDF) which is in its early stages.

The council will start consultations on the proposal next year. The LDF will replace the current District Plan

Sites such as Your Rights and Traveller Law Reform Project, set out the rights of the travelling community.

This issue has been discussed in this site’s forum. Registered users can join the debate. Registration for the forum is free-of-charge.

18 October 2007

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