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Local crime task force suggested

burglary - hand opening window through broken glass
Does Brookmans Park need a 'Task Force'?
A flyer has been delivered to some local homes in an effort to gauge the ‘appetite’ for a Brookmans Park Task Force.

It asks the question, "Are you interested in protecting your family, your property and your village?"

The flyer continues: “Burglary, vandalism and assault are cancers that eat away at the pillars of our lives. Unchecked, the frequency and severity of these crimes will only escalate.”

The suggestion is to set up a community security force, which will patrol Brookmans Park 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

“We have to stand together and do our utmost to minimise the threat of these crimes,” the flyer continues.

The flyer gives a contact name and email address for a local resident and invites people to respond so that the organisers of the proposed task force can assess the ‘appetite of Brookmans Park’ for the idea.

The email address belongs to the insurance and risk management firm Landau Manson.

The flyer goes on to mention a scheme that has been operating in Hadley Wood which, it's claimed, has reduced aggravated burglary in 'the households subscribing' to nil in the three years the patrols have been operating.

There is also a reference to a Hadley Wood initiative in the news section of the Landau Manson site.

Brookmans Park and Little Heath already has a dedicated local police officer and two PCSOs (Community Support Officers) who liaise with the local neighbourhood watch team.

If you think more is needed, please add your thoughts to a thread running in this site’s forum.

25 October 2007

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