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Trick or treat protection

Halloween pumpkin - Image courtesy of
Halloween, the second busiest time of the year - police

Hundreds of posters are being produced to enable people to warn Halloween tricksters that they are not welcome.

Hertfordshire police are currently investigating whether the posters can be distributed in this area.

Police say the initiative is aimed at protecting those members of the public who donít want to be bothered on 31 October.

The signs distributed in other areas of Hertfordshire last year made clear that the 'No Trick or Treat!" campaign was a police initiative. They read ...

"Police have advised the occupier of this household not to open their door to any callers or visitors whatsoever on Halloween night - 31 October.

"Please do not play any form of trick or distress the occupier in any way or you could be arrested and/or liable to a fine of £80."

Police say the move is not designed to stop people having fun, but rather to ensure the public is protected.

"Some members of your community are old, frail, blind, deaf, or have young children and cannot be involved in the celebration of Halloween without compromising their safety.

"Please be aware that police are conducting high-visibility and plain-clothed patrols and are using other surveillance methods in an effort to ensure that the elderly and vulnerable members of the community are not victims on Halloween.

Officers are also urging parents and guardians to supervise their children while they are trick and treating.

Anyone feeling intimidated, or spotting criminal activity, is urged to phone the local police team on 01707-638112.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

14 October 2006

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