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Can you identify local seeds?

local woodland seeds

The BBC's Breathing Places project encouraged people to take part in seed hunts during October 2006.

A number of local people took the opportunity to visit local woodland areas, such as Gobions and the Great Wood Northaw, and collect autumn seeds.

It soon became clear that the seed hunt could provide a valuable addition to this site's environment section.

As a result, a new seeds section has been created, featuring images of some of the seeds collected.

Click here to visit the new section of the site.

However, the new section is incomplete. We would like to invite all local nature enthusiasts to name the seeds, giving both their colloquial and species names.

So far we have only named the seeds 1-16. If you think you know what they are, please say so in a thread running in this site's forum.

Click here for the forum thread.

If anyone has any more seeds to add, please contact me using this site's feedback form.

8 October 2006

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