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Parish calendar goes on sale

Report by Bob Horrocks

St Mary's Church Calendar image - courtesy of Bob Horrocks
St Mary's Church Calendar image - courtesy of Bob Horrocks

The North Mymms Parish Council calendar 2007 can be purchased at several locations around the area. But hurry, only 200 have been printed.

The calendars feature 13 images of North Mymms, many contributed by local residents.

Pictures included cover the whole parish, from Queenswood School to North Mymms House.

Each month’s A4 sized page includes a daily planner.

The calendars cost £5 each. For mail orders, please add £1 for UK postage and packing, £2 for mailing to Europe or £3 to the rest of the world.

You can buy them from the Parish Council Office, Bushwood Close, off Dellsome Lane, Welham Green, Hatfield, Herts AL9 7YZ (office hours Monday to Thursday).

Cheques should be payable to 'North Mymms Parish Council'.

They are on sale at Brookmans Park News on Bradmore Green, at the Welham Green Post Office on Dellsome Lane, and at the Dutch Nursery.

The calendars might also be on sale at one or two other outlets if that can be arranged. Information will be posted in this site’s forum if this is confirmed.

A survey for potential sales was carried out on this website earlier this year.

Even so, the number of sales had to be a guess so don't wait too long before deciding to buy. 200 have been printed but another 100 can be run off if required.

The parish council wishes to thank the owners of the properties and local photographers, and for the offered pictures which unfortunately did not make the final selection.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

18 October 2006

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