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Con men demanding cash for manure

Neighbourhood Watch warn of men dumping manure and demanding cash
Police have issued a warning about a manure scam currently operating in the area.

According to Christel Anslow, the local Neighbourhood Watch liaison officer, two men have been demanding money from vulnerable residents.

The men have been driving round the area in a white and brown open back truck.

They pull up outside homes and dump manure on gardens without asking permission and then demand money for the service.

One man is described as tubby and going bald, the other was wearing a black jacket. Both are white.

The Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch group has asked for an alert to be put on this site.

Police say that if anyone sees the men, or are approached by them, they should call 0845-33-00-222.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

23 October 2005

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