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Neighbourhood Watch burglary warning

brookmans avenue
Police urge residents to ensure windows are locked after a burglary and attempted burglary at houses on Brookmans Avenue
Police are asking people to ensure they donít make it easy for thieves, following one burglary and one attempted burglary in Brookmans Avenue in recent days.

The first incident happened on Thursday, 20 October, between 20:30 and 22:35. A house was entered and property taken.

The second incident was between 22:00 on Thursday, 20 October and 08:30 on Friday 21 October.

Police say offenders climbed on to a flat roof and reached through a fanlight window, which had been left open, in order to open a larger window.

The offenders were distracted and made off without taking any property.

The local crime information bulletin, delivered to local Neighbourhood Watch homes, says that everyone should keep all windows locked, especially if they can be accessed from a flat room.

Anyone who has any information about either of the incidents mentioned above is asked to ring the police hotline on 0845-33-00-222.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

25 October 2005

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