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Online admissions deadline

chancellor's school main entrance
Parents or guardians applying online for secondary school places for their children have until 21 October to complete the applications.

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) has been offering online admissions since 2002.

The authority claims that more than 6000 applications have been made online since the system started.

HCC says the process has several benefits for parents or guardians and schools.

  • Parents/guardians receive notification of the allocation as soon as it is available online during late afternoon on 1 March.
  • Parents/guardians have the opportunity to change their form at any time up to the closing date of 21 October.
  • Parents/guardians are sent an immediate email response to confirm that their application has been received.
  • Schools are able to monitor the applications made to and from their school.
  • Schools are able to reduce the paperwork in collecting and collating application forms.
To access the application form go to the Herts Direct school admissions page.

Anyone who has difficulties with the form is asked to telephone HCC Customer Service Centre on 01438 737500.

You can discuss local secondary school admissions in a thread running in this siteís forum.

10 October 2005

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