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New community police officer appointed

PC Elvett Phipps speaking into his two-way radio - picture provided through a link to the Herts Police site. - (c) Hertfordshire Constabulary.
PC Elvett Phipps speaking into his two-way radio
Image on Herts Police site - (c) Herts Constabulary

The area has a new community police officer. He is PC Elvett Phipps from St Albans.

PC Phipps has been transferred from the crime intervention team at Hertfordshire Constabulary. He will take up the role with immediate effect. His patch includes Welham Green, Brookmans Park, and Little Heath.

According to a spokesperson for Herts police, outgoing community police officer, Vojislav, Mihalovic, has been spending the week with PC Phipps showing him the ropes and giving him some tips on ‘how to police Brookmans Park’.

PC Mihailovic, who has been the community bobby for 15 years, has started a new job as secretary of the Hertfordshire Police Federation. You can discuss the role of the community police officer in a thread in this site's forum.

27 October 2004

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