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History archive set to leave North Mymms

The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre
Sir Nigel Gresley's A3 locomotive No.4472 Flying Scotsman heading north through Brookmans Park Station on its last journey before leaving for the USA.
Picture courtesy of North Mymms Local History Society
The local history society's entire archive of more than 900 items could end up at County Hall unless a volunteer archivist can be found. The current archivist is standing down after 20 years service.

Marian Benton, who has also acted as secretary of the North Mymms Local History Society for more than 10 years, is stepping down from both roles.

In the latest society newsletter, she says the local history archive will be handed over to HALS, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies unless a volunteer can be found to take the job on.

The society now has five vacancies including that of archivist. Chairman Tom Farmer is standing down after three years. A vice-chairman is also needed. The society is still looking for a visits secretary to arrange group outings and a secretary is needed to take minutes at the committee meetings and the AGM and to circulate literature and answer letters.

This site's 'Ask the Archivist' feature will now be locked until another archivist is found.

The North Mymms Local History Society has given permission for 20 complete books and more than 40 features to be reproduced on this site.

If you are interested in any of the vacancies please contact Tom Farmer on 655461. You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

16 October 2004

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