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Police plan Halloween patrols

Halloween pumpkin
Extra patrols will deal with nuisance behaviour on Halloween
Police have renewed their annual appeal to young people to behave responsibly over Halloween.

Community teams, and extra patrols, are being set up to deal with nuisance behaviour, and incidents of public disorder.

Police says that each year, so-called ‘pranks’ cause untold misery for residents and businesses.

Officers also see a significant increase in the number of reported incidents of nuisance behaviour and petty criminal damage at this time of the year.

Ward constables across the area have been distributing posters to businesses that sell eggs and flour. The posters state that the shops will not sell these products to shoppers unless they are buying these items as part of a larger grocery visit.

"Many incidents that are reported to us involve damage caused by eggs and flour and it is important for people to remember that these items can cause permanent damage to property. These incidents need to be investigated as a crime, they also drain police resources," a police spokesperson said.

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October 11, 2003

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