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Funds available for local travel needs

A bus stop by Potterells Medical Centre
Is public transport in North Mymms good enough?
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A meeting, called to consider drawing up a Parish Travel Plan (PTP) for North Mymms, has been told that funds exist to tackle local transport issues.

North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) will now be approached to see whether it wants to be part of the initiative.

If the council agrees, and local transport needs are identified, money could be available for the creation of a number of projects such as improved footpaths, cycle routes, bridleways, public transport and safer routes to school.

One need, suggested at the meeting, was for a shuttle bus service to take local residents to both Welham Green and Brookmans Park stations.

The proposed project stems from Hertfordshire County Councilís Local Transport Plan and the Governmentís Rural White Paper. It also ties into the Department for Transport's Local Transport Plan.

If the NMPC gives the go-ahead for the local initiative, and the forming of a PTP, a questionnaire will be sent to every household in the parish, and hosted on this site, asking North Mymms residents to identify local travel issues.

A working group will then be formed, which could include parish councillors, local residents, officers from Hertfordshire Highways, school representatives, and other interested groups.

They would then examine the information returned in the questionnaire, identify any transport issues, suggest solutions, and draw up an action plan.

A public exhibition would then be arranged to set out the North Mymms Parish Travel Plan, and the whole community would be invited to comment.

The data collection and analysis part of the project would take three to four months and forming the action plan would take six to nine months. The North Mymms PTP would then be monitored annually by Hertfordshire County Council to ensure the project was being run efficiently, and that the money, allocated to the issues identified, was being used properly.

North Mymms is one of only six areas in Hertfordshire to be considered for such a project.

The parish was chosen because this site, the Brookmans Park Newsletter, impressed the organisers with its coverage of the parish, and because of the amount of activity in the siteís public forum, which includes more than 500 posts about local transport issues.

These include the school run, school coaches, speeding through the village and local public transport.

A vote has been added to this siteís forum to try to see if people have any ideas for the PTP. A member of the PTP team has been invited to join the forum to answer any questions raised by local residents.

According to the consultants, Mochel, who are running the project on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, the outcome of the process could lead to an increased range of local services, improved public transport links and a stronger voice for the community in identifying local needs.

6 October 2003

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