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Leaf fall timetable announced

Train at Welham Green
Southbound trains from Welham Green and Brookmans Park will leave two minutes early during the weekday peak period.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Trains from Welham Green and Brookmans Park will depart a few minutes early from Monday 13 October, to allow for any possible delays caused by leaves on the track.

West Anglia Great Northern (WAGN) says the change affects trains heading for London, operating during peak periods, and during weekdays only.

The company says a booklet, explaining the need for the special timetable, and containing the new departure times, is available from most ticket offices.

WAGN says passengers will be advised two weeks in advance of when the normal timetable is to be resumed.

Welham Green Brookmans Park
6:06 now departs 6:03 6:08 now departs 6:05
6:36 now departs 6:33 6:38 now departs 6:35
7:01 now departs 6:59 7:03 now departs 7:01
7:26 now departs 7:23 7:28 now departs 7:25
7:36 now departs 7:34 7:38 now departs 7:36
7:56 now departs 7:53 7:58 now departs 7:55
8:06 as normal 8:08 as normal
8:26 now departs 8:23 8:28 now departs 8:25
8:36 as normal 8:38 as normal
9:06 now departs 9:05 9:08 now departs 9:07
9:31 onwards as normal 9:33 onwards as normal

The full winter timetable 2003/2004 is also available from ticket offices at staffed stations. It covers until 21 May, 2004.

Route Director James Adeshiyan recommends all rail commuters obtain a copy of the new timetable.

"Details of all weekday services right the way through until May next year are now available to passengers. Very little has changed, but it is worth just checking to make sure that the train you want has not been re-timed by a minute or two. I know how important a few minutes can be to commuters. We have also included in the timetable the arrangements for the leaf fall period, helping passengers to plan in advance," he said.

WAGN explains ‘leaves on the line’ as a fine layer of greasy leaf mulch, deposited on the rails, which reduces the grip of the train wheel on the rail. It means that trains take longer to speed up, and slow down, resulting in longer journey times.

The company says it is tackling the problem by running special track cleaning trains and by cutting back line side vegetation.

WAGN says details of services can also be obtained from the WAGN website, or from the National Rail Enquiry Service on 08457-48-49-50.

You can discuss this in this site’s Forum.

8 October 2003

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