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New history study added to site

Welham Green c 1840
Welham Green c 1840
The text from ten pages of "The Victorian History Of The County Of Hertfordshire" has now been added to this site’s history section.

The work, which was first edited by W. Page in 1908, was sent to the site by Rosie Bevan from New Zealand who uncovered it researching her family history.

The work has now been reproduced online and offers an interesting insight into life in North Mymms, then called Mimms, not only in Victorian times, but also in preceding centuries.

Click here for "A Victorian study of North Mymms".

Throughout, the spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout of the text is reproduced exactly as it is in the original document although it has been broken down into chapters for ease of reading. Many Middle English words are used and, in some cases, references to modern day definitions have been added by numbered links.

Some chapters make interesting reading describing life in the parish, the characters, the features and the lifestyles and other chapters are little more than lists of names, which will probably mean more to researchers of genealogy.

People using these pages for research might need to have their own dictionary to hand to help understand the text. A good online dictionary for short and quick definitions is xrefer

North Mymms is spelt North Mimms throughout, a difference explained in a feature written by Bill Killick on this site click here.

A Victorian study of North Mymms.

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