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Herts police uncover local Internet scam

Police want to hear from anyone who has fallen victim to an online 'scam' involving a Hertfordshire firm. Officers say the company has been advertising items on the online auction site

Officers say prospective buyers were encouraged to bid for items and then, if successful, asked to send a cheque to an address in Welwyn Garden City. Police say that so far nobody has received any goods but their cheques have all been cashed. They say they want to hear from anyone who might have fallen victim of what they describe as a scam.

In an automated telephone message to Neighbourhood Watch contacts, police have asked anyone who has sent a cheque or money order to an address in Welwyn Garden City and not received any goods in return to contact either PC Andy Vince or PC Mark Loveday at 01707-638217.

October 29, 2002

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