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Local lane voted worst dumping blackspot

Woodside Lane, Bell Bar
Woodside Lane, Bell Bar  Fujifilm
Woodside Lane in Bell Bar has been voted Welwyn Hatfield’s top blackspot for fly tipping.

In a campaign organised by the Welwyn Hatfield Times and Welwyn and Hatfield District Council, local residents were invited to name the worst eyesore in the area.

According to the WHT a "flood of nominations poured" into the newspaper’s office, but Bell Bar topped the poll with local residents "voting in their droves" in the ‘Pride of Place’ campaign.

Woodside Lane has long been a popular dumping ground for old cars, household appliances and household and garden waste.

The WHT says a 38-name petition was submitted naming Woodside Lane the worst blackspot supported by seven individual entries. In all there were 92 individual votes for various blackspots around the district.

According to the council, the purpose of the exercise was to both raise public awareness and identify the areas in most need of a clean-up. The newspaper promises to name the first area to be tackled next week as the local authority and community groups set about prioritising the work to tackle the problem.

How they intend to prevent further dumping has not been made clear, but the editor of the WHT said that they would be watching the situation closely to see that the areas are cleaned up properly and, "remain how everyone would like and expect them to be".

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

The picture, which has been compressed to assist download, was taken with a Fujifilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm.

October 2, 2002

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