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Gobions features on the BBC

Gobions in the autumn
Autumn colours in Gobions Woodland
A short news item about Gobions, produced by the BBC, has been broadcast on regional televison. It was shot a week ago and was part of the BBC LDN news at 1.30pm on October 29.

Click here for the news item and click here to watch the short BBC video used at 1.30 today. It was thought that a longer version would run on the 6.30 programme but it wasn't included.

The filming took place as a follow up to a feature and a news item on this site about the Gobions Woodland Trustís plans for the historic woodland.

That item referred to the most recent Gobions report which set out what the original Bridgeman gardens would have looked like and the proposals for the future.

The five-year plan for Gobions focuses on nature conservation and historical restoration. A bid for Heritage Lottery Funding is now being prepared although itís not yet clear how much the work will cost. It is hoped any funding will cover the cost of a warden to help manage the historic woodland.

Gobions Woodland Trust has its own area in this siteís environment section.

October 29, 2002

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