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Folly Arch repairs update
by Bob Horrocks
North Mymms Greenbelt Society

A close up of the cracks. - f2.jpg (15005 bytes)
A close up of the cracks taken September 2001. Digital camera on loan from Fujifilm
In June 2002 we were advised that structural engineers had drawn up a new schedule of work that has been costed and sent to English Heritage for their approval.

English Heritage wrote to Welwyn Hatfield Council on August 22, saying that the costs had increased and they were assessing a request to increase their grant.

At that stage English Heritage was "pressing for a late summer start regardless".

In September, the North Mymms Greenbelt Society wrote to English Heritage asking them to ensure work starts in 2002 since it is unlikely to be affected by winter weather.

On October 6, English Heritage acknowledged our letter saying that they were "still corresponding and negotiating with the owners in an attempt to encourage them to make a start this year and avoid further delays".

We now learn that the immediate repair work will be just underpinning and stabilisation of the Arch. Repair of the cracks will take place sometime later.

The reason is that the structure needs to be stabilised before the cracks are treated otherwise the central span is likely to open again.

Regular updates on this and other issues appear on our website's latest news section.

by Bob Horrocks, North Mymms Greenbelt Society

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October 27, 2002

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