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Flood defence public meeting

Warrengate Road Flooding
Floods October 2000 - Mimmshall Brook is on the right and Warrengate Road on the left.  Fujifilm
The Environment Agency's plans for flood defence measures for Mimmshall Brook are to be discussed at a public meeting on Thursday, October 24.

The meeting, at the Royal Veterinary College in Hawkshead Lane, comes almost two years after some of the worst flooding seen in the area for 15 years.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said the meeting had been called to consult local residents on the proposed flood alleviation scheme.

Warrengate Road Flooding
Residents of Warrengate Road set off to stay with relatives, October 30, 2000.  Fujifilm
On October 29, 2000, some residents evacuated their homes after Mimmshall Brook broke its banks following the worst storms to hit the south of England since 1987. Others moved away the following morning.

Click here to see a photogallery compiled the day of the 2000 flooding.

During those floods two years ago, Swanland Road was under water from the ford at Mimms Hall Cottages at the south end through to Warrengate Road which in turn was flooded the full length to the cottages at Water End.

The flooding extended several hundred metres up Bradmore Lane making the only approach to Swanland Road via Welham Green.

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October 9, 2002

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