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Alldays to resume normal opening hours

Alldays, Bradmore Green
Alldays, Bradmore Green  Fujifilm
Alldays says its Bradmore Green convenience store will resume normal opening hours on Friday. In a statement issued this evening, the company apologised to anyone who has been unable to shop because of unscheduled closures.

"At Alldays we pride ourselves on providing local communities with the best in convenience store shopping, seven days a week. However, we would like to apologise to those customers who have recently been inconvenienced by the Brookmans Park storeís irregular opening hours," the spokesperson said.

The company was responding to a request, from this site, for a statement after a number of people posted to the forum, and mailed the site, after finding the Bradmore Green store closed during advertised opening hours.

The sign on the door says the shop should be open from 7.30am until 10.30 pm seven days a week. However several mornings recently it has not been open before 8am and, some evenings, closed as early as 7pm.

The spokesperson continued, "We acknowledge the current situation and can confirm that on Friday October 4, the store will resume normal opening hours." Alldays also say a new manager has been appointed.

The national press has been examining the companyís financial future and suggest a take-over is looming.

The Times business briefing says the Co-operative Group is believed to be in talks to buy Alldays which has 600 convenience stores nationwide.

The Guardianís business pages say the Co-op could find itself fighting against other stores groups such as Tesco and Sainsbury's which are considering whether they should make a move.

The Press Associationís Ananova service says that Alldays has confirmed that it is involved in takeover talks.

The East Anglia Daily Times also reports talkeover talks and the Manchester Evening News suggests the Co-op is waiting in the wings.

October 2, 2002

The picture, which has been compressed to assist download, was taken with a Fujifilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm.

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