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Herts examines airport expansion plans

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Community groups and businesses in Hertfordshire are to be invited to have their say on proposed airport expansion plans for the south-east.

A day-long public hearing is to be held to quiz government and British Airport Authority representatives regarding the impact of expanding capacity at both Luton and Stansted.

Hertfordshire has also called on the government to carry out an in-depth environmental impact study before making any decision on the expansion plans.

It is thought up to three new runways might be on the cards for Stansted alone and the authority has listed its fears as:

  • More noise for residents living under the flight paths
  • More traffic to the airports
  • The need for new roads
  • Traffic congestion
  • The housing impact of extra staff needed for the expansion
  • Pressure on the greenbelt
  • Pressure on hospitals, schools and other public services.
The all-day hearing is being set up by Hertfordshire’s Scrutiny Committee which says it fears the government has not fully thought through the environmental impact of the plans.

The committee, which is a cross-party group of councillors with responsibility to scrutinise all matters affecting the environment in Hertfordshire, says it wants the government to carry out an environmental impact study before the white paper on airport expansion is published.

A white paper is a document issued by a government department containing detailed proposals for legislation. It is the final stage before the government introduces its proposals to Parliament in the form of a bill.

So far a date has not been said for the proposed meeting. You can discuss this issue in the Forum.

See also BBC News Online.

October 19, 2002

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