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School supervisor shortage

A shortage of supervisors has forced staff at Brookmans Park School to consider whether it is safe to keep children at the school at lunchtime. The head is calling for volunteers.

In a letter to all parents, Pete Evans, the head teacher at the school, says that the situation is now at a 'critical stage'.

He says when the autumn term started the school had enough lunchtime supervisors to cope but gradually people have dropped out due to other commitments.

Earlier this week the school was down to two supervisors instead of the required six. According to Peter Evans, members of staff volunteered to give up part of their lunch hour to help out.

Mr Evans says that one person on duty on each of the two playgrounds is not enough. He says if an accident happened there would be nobody to look after the remaining children while the injury was being dealt with.

“This is totally unsustainable and without volunteers to help us out we shall have to consider very carefully if it is safe to keep all the children at school over the lunch period,” he writes.

He says he can't offer huge financial rewards but says each supervisor is worth his or her weight in gold.

“It only takes an hour and a quarter out of your day and you can commit yourself to as many or as few days a week as you like. We need you to start immediately after half term so please contact Mrs Bertram on 652355 as soon as possible to offer your services,” he writes.

October 18, 2001

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