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The hunt for Gobions history
By Bernard Spatz
Gobions Woodland Trust

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The Canal at Gubbins in Hertfordshire
Published according by Alex Hogg
No 16 Paternoster Row

The Gobions Woodland Trust has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to prepare a Restoration and Management Plan for Gobions.

Their advisors, Landscape Design Associates of Peterborough, are compiling a comprehensive bibliography of potential sources of information on the historical development of the land.

This site already has references to many sources, but are there any other potential sources that you are aware of?

In particular, they would like to know of the whereabouts of any papers or correspondence relating to the following owners of Gobions:

1693 Edward des Bouverie
1695 Jacob des Bouverie
1697 Sir Robert Beechcroft
1708 Sir Jeremy Sambrooke
1754 Judith Sambrooke
1765 John Freeman
1777 John Hunter
1802 Thomas Holmes (later "Hunter")
1838 Robert William Gaussen
1880 Robert George Gaussen

Also, they would like to borrow any photographs of early engravings or maps for both analysis and use in the report.

Can you help? If so, please contact the Trust by email, gobions

Bernard Spatz
Gobions Woodland Trust

October 30, 2000

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