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New cash machine for village

Brookmans Park has a new cash machine six months after Lloyds TSB pulled out of the village taking its cash dispenser with it. The new facility, inside Brookmans Park News, will only be available when the shop is open.

The closure of the branch of Lloyds TSB on Bradmore Green in April this year caused anger in the village and led to several petitions opposing the plan.  

More than a thousand names were collected and handed to senior management at Lloyds TSB.  However they said market forces had led to the decision and advised customers to transfer to the Potters Bar branch.

The new cash machine which has the Link facility has been installed in Brookmans Park News by Mayur Patel the village newsagent. 

As yet the machine is not in operation but a notice will appear on this site when it is ready for use.

October 14, 2000

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