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Nursery only for the hardy

Plants grown all year round in the open are on sale at a new nursery, which aims to offer customers hardy stock for the authentic English herbaceous border.

The nursery has been set up by Simon Wener on the site of a former nursery in Bell Bar.

Simon, from Wener Amenity Landscaping, has been involved in horticulture since 1972 when he started his own gardening business at the age of 19.

He now supervises a small number of staff who carry out soft landscape works and garden maintenance in North London.

According to Simon, the new venture came about as a result of customer need.

“I have always found it difficult to source herbaceous material for our customers who may be looking for the more unusual varieties,” he said.

Simon saw the opportunity to develop the new nursery on the old site, which was well known in the area for Dahlias, Tomato and bedding plants.

“Some garden centres seem to be selling plants as a secondary item,” says Simon.

“I would like to have a small plant centre for the gardener to browse at leisure, consult with books and encyclopaedias and not be sidetracked by swings, roundabouts and paraphernalia,” he said.

He says all the plants are from English stock and all grown cold and depending on the season over wintered.

“This produces a hardy plant in the true sense,” says Simon.

But unlike most nurseries, the Bell Bar Nursery won’t be open seven days a week. Simon needs to spend the majority of his time tending to the plants ready for sale.

As a result the nursery is only open to the public every Friday and Saturday from 9am to 4.30pm.

The address is Bell Bar Nursery, Bulls Lane Bell Bar, Hatfield, Herts. AL9 7BB. You can contact Simon by phone on 01707 650007 or fax on 01707 650008 or you can e-mail him at

April 15, 2000


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