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Welham Green neighbourhood agreement

Welham Green is a nice place to live, but the actions of a selfish minority can often spoil life for everyone. We unite to maintain and increase respect for our neighbours, our environment, our homes and the law. We will strive to value, protect and enhance the community.

The landlord (Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council) and Hertfordshire Constabulary's responsibilities.

We will:

  • Do all we can to prevent problems from happening in the first place.
  • State clearly what is and what is not reasonable behaviour to anyone who wants to move to the estate.
  • Not tolerate crime, nuisance, or anti-social behaviour.
  • Not tolerate harassment of any kind.
  • Not tolerate wilful damage, neglect, or vandalism anywhere on the estate.
  • Meet our legal responsibilities set out in every tenancy agreement or the law.
  • Help you, the residents, keep to the tenancy conditions so homes and gardens are well cared for and other rules are followed.
  • Work with each other and take whatever action is necessary against rule-breakers. This may include court orders, eviction or criminal proceedings.
  • Deal with reports sensitively, appropriately and as confidentially as possible.
  • Take all complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously and deal with them in the most suitable way.
  • Help and encourage you, as residents, to sort out problems between yourselves.
  • Check regularly to make sure that complaints are being handled quickly and effectively.
  • Deal with the whole problem, not part of it. For example, sometimes entire families can cause nuisance. We will do this by working with other agencies such as social services and schools.
  • Make sure we all know what is going on. We will keep records of any complaints and problems, including things like untidy gardens and vandalism.
  • Review complaints regularly. We will review all current complaint reports at least every three months. We will contact the complainant to ask if we can still help, or if the problem has been resolved.

How we will deal with your nuisance complaints?

We, the landlord, will respond to neighbour disputes within five working days. If there is serious crime or anti-social behaviour we will act more quickly as necessary.

When you make a report to us, your housing officer, or the anti-social behaviour officer, we will write down the details with you. In this way, every case will have a 'case file'.

As the landlord we will:

  • Write down what you tell us.
  • Ask you to keep a written record of any further disruption in an 'incident diary'.
  • Agree an action plan with you about what needs to happen next and give you a copy to keep. The action plan may include actions for you, the resident. For example, we may agree that you will speak to the parents, contact the police or keep a diary.
  • Make sure that you are clear about what action we will take next, and that you agree to this action.
  • Take varying levels of action on a case-by-case basis. What will not vary is our commitment to help resolve the situation.
  • Help you sort out things like noise, car parking disputes or problems with children.
  • Help all sides sort out a problem, by talking to each other or by using an independent mediation service. This free service offers a trained volunteer who talks to both sides to agree a settlement. Contact us if you wish to be considered for referral.
  • Interview everyone who has a complaint made against them, involving the resident or the parent where appropriate. We may require further evidence by talking to the police and neighbours.
  • Take appropriate action, using the facts, ranging from a straightforward agreement that the problem will stop, a warning, or preparation for legal action. Serious cases will get priority.
  • Contact you on a regular basis to update you on progress made. We also ask that you keep us informed of any further progress or developments.
  • Encourage you to involve the police wherever necessary.
  • Support anyone who feels threatened. Please feel free to talk to us about your fears, and we will do all that we can to help.

As the police we will:

  • Log all calls made to us and ensure that they are allocated a unique reference number.
  • Ensure that the local Neighbourhood Officer monitors all logs recorded.
  • Will work in partnership to deal with any matters affecting the lives of those who work or live in Welham Green.
  • Will dedicate resources appropriately, where necessary.
  • Will undertake criminal prosecutions as necessary.
  • Will deal with reports of hate crime as a priority.
  • Will ensure that there is a local neighbourhood resource.
  • Will support crime initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Prioritise maintenance of a visible presence in Welham Green

Legal action

  • We will not hesitate to use all the legal powers available to us. We are committed to supporting anyone who feels threatened or worried about the legal process.
  • Taking someone to court, or taking his or her home away is a serious issue.
  • The courts will always require evidence and will often require statements and witnesses.
  • We will make sure that you have clear and realistic expectations of when legal action is appropriate; what type of legal action we should ask the court for; what this will involve for the complainant; and how long this is likely to take.
  • We have clearly set out our commitment as the landlord in dealing with complaints and disputes. However, you, as residents, also have responsibilities, which are equally as important.

Residentsí responsibilities

As residents we agree to:

  • Respect other people whatever their age, background, race, religion or lifestyle. We must all tolerate and respect different lifestyles. Everyone has an equal right to live peacefully.
  • Behave well to each other inside and outside the home.
  • Not break the tenancy conditions or the law.
  • Help make sure Welham Green stays a good place to live.
  • Take responsibility for our own behaviour and that of our children, friends and visitors.
  • Show tolerance and reasonableness.
  • Let children play. We must be tolerant and reasonable before complaining. If children harass or alarm others and complaints are justified, then parents must be reasonable in their response.
  • Not drop litter, dump rubbish or allow properties to be vandalised with graffiti.

I want to be a good neighbour

As a resident of Welham Green, I agree that looking after this village is not just the landlordís responsibility; what I do is also vital.

I believe that this Good Neighbourhood Agreement sets the standards for both existing and new residents, as it lists:

  • What we see as reasonable.
  • What we will not tolerate.

This declaration will help us to ensure that Welham Green is a safe and secure place to live and work for all the community.

The declaration will focus on four key issues:

  • How we conduct ourselves.
  • Crime prevention and community safety.
  • Children, older and vulnerable people in the community.
  • Looking after the environment.

This declaration is all about being good neighbours in Welham Green. It encourages us as residents to talk to each other, the landlord and the police to sort problems out. I agree with the Welham Green Community Declaration and will sign it. If every resident signs the declaration, to say that they agree, it will strengthen the future of our neighbourhood.

So what do I do now?

Read the declaration over the page.(below)

Sign up to the declaration.

Remember that this is your declaration, it is important for you and other residents of Welham Green.

Be proud, join us, and shape the future of Welham Green.

Welham Green Community Declaration

Every member of your household can sign this declaration and agree to:

  • use reasonable language with neighbours, other residents and visitors.
  • not engage in behaviour that disturbs or offends my neighbours or other residents.
  • make sure that my visitors do not damage the property of other residents or areas of this estate.
  • not play loud music late at night, or at other times to the annoyance of my neighbours or other residents.

Crime in the community

  • I will watch out for the other peopleís property and keep a look out generally to help make this estate a safe place to live.
  • I will report all incidents of vandalism and graffiti that I see to the relevant people.
  • I will either join the local Neighbourhood Watch or report incidents of relevance to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Children, older and vulnerable people in the community

  • Children shall show respect and be shown respect.
  • If I see any child being bullied or abused I will not ignore it.
  • I will ensure that my activities do not cause problems for others including children.
  • I will look out for older and vulnerable neighbours and if I am concerned, I will contact the appropriate authorities.

Helping the community

  • I will keep the welfare of everyone on the estate in mind.
  • I recognise that our housing staff and the police cannot do anything about problems that they do not know about. I will report issues of crime and antisocial behaviour that I have or I see to the relevant people.
  • I want the best for Welham Green in terms of being a good place to live for people of all ages.
  • I will do as much as I am able to help initiatives taken on behalf of Welham Green to be successful.

Looking after the environment

  • I will not leave my rubbish anywhere other than in the bins provided. I will make sure that my rubbish is properly bagged and put in the proper place.
  • I will make sure that my garden is clean, tidy and free from household clutter. I will make sure that my door and windows are also kept clean so that visitors to our estate can see that we care about where we live.
  • I will not, or let any of my visitors, act in anyway that would harm the environment of our village.
  • I will follow the regulations on parking, as it is to the benefit of all residents and visitors to our village.
  • I will respect the homes and gardens of my neighbours and will not cause damage to them.
  • I will consider and reduce light and noise pollution.

Be proud, join us to shape the future of Welham Green

  • We will stamp out crime and anti social behaviour by reporting incidents.
  • We will help look after the appearance of the village and surroundings.
  • We will show consideration to our neighbours.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

2 November 2008

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