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Welham Green neighbourhood agreement

By Peter Hastings

Welham Green
Community meeting

As part of its programme to enhance the community of Welham Green and to try to confront anti-social behaviour, the Welham Green As One group has been drafting a Good Neighbourhood Agreement.

Working with the Hertfordshire Constabulary and Welwyn Borough Council, who accept obligations under the document, we have put together an agreement we hope everyone in Welham Green will feel able to sign, both residents and business owners alike.

The aim is to highlight, and to make people think about, the exchange of responsibilities which alone can make a community work.

A draft has to be approved by potential partners such as North Mymms Parish Council and the local neighbourhood watch, but we are also looking for comments and constructive criticism generally before we finalise the launch in December.

There is a complete version and a shorter summary, which we hope older children will understand and able to commit to.

The WGA1 group was formed out of public meetings in 2007 arising from the rise in anti-social behaviour and the perceived lack of community in Welham Green. Since then there have been a number of initiatives, such as improving facilities for local youth.

We welcome all contributions of help and ideas. Anyone offering ideas or support for any of our activities is welcome or can contact me, Peter Hastings, by logging on to this site’s forum and sending me a personal message, or you can call me on 07974170431.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

2 November 2008

The author, Peter Hastings, is a North Mymms Parish councillor and the chair of the Welham Green At One group.
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