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Santa serves festive spirit

Santa comes to Bradmore Green 2008

Mulled wine, mince pies, carols, a visit from Santa and gifts for the kids - all part of the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony, which took place as usual on Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green on Saturday night.

Around 200 turned up to meet Santa, watch the lights being switched on and join in the community carol singing, led by pupils from Chancellor's School, accompanied by the Potters Bar Town Band.

It's the fifth year that the Brookmans Park Rotary Club has organised the event.

Xmas tree on Bradmore Green 2008 - image courtesy of Bob Horrocks
The community police team redirected traffic and joined in the spirit of the event by wearing santa hats and taking part in the singing.

The earlier timing of the event meant that there were far more families with small children than in previous years when the ceremony has been held later in the evening and on a weekday.

When Santa arrived he was swamped by small children eager for presents. Police were forced to divert traffic in order to ensure the safety of the crowds.

A collection was made for charities supported by Brookmans Park Rotary, including Mercy Ships. You can discuss the event, and upload any pictures you may have taken, in this sites forum.

29 November 2008

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