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Pay and display unpopular

Brookmans Park Station car park
Plenty of space

It seems that the majority of commuters are shunning Brookmans Park Station's new pay and display car park, preferring to park free-of-charge along local roads.

Some days the car park, which changed from free parking to payment two weeks ago, has less than ten cars parked in the new bays.

When the 06:57 pulls out most mornings it's empty. Before charges were introduced, the car park would be filling up by 07:00.

Oaklands Avenue
Oaklands Avenue

Commuters who catch the early trains clearly see no point in paying when there is free parking a short walk away.

It seems that the solutions they found while the car park was closed for six weeks have changed their behaviour.

However, local residents living in the roads where commuters now park have expressed concern in this site’s forum about having cars parked outside their houses all day.

One wrote: "Parking in Westland Drive as bad as ever. I had a delivery this week (via lorry) which then got stuck at the alley end of the road, unable to go backwards or forwards. He eventually managed to free himself after approx 20 mins. What is going to happen when an emergency vehicle needs to gain access?"

Car park tariffs
£2.50 a day

Another forum poster suggested that the next development will be the introduction of parking restrictions in the village.

"Probably NCP are quite used to this. Parking fees push commuters out to nearby roads with unrestricted parking, residents complain and restrictions are introduced, commuters get resigned to paying.

"Rather than full scale residents' parking, I suppose we might see short Mon-Fri parking restrictions in nearby roads, such as no parking on one side of the road between (say) 10.00 and 11.00, no parking the other side from 11.00 to 12.00. Minimal bureaucracy and should be cheap to enforce."

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

14 November 2008

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