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Youth project for Welham Green

Report by Peter Hastings

A youth shelter in Sussex - image courtesy of Lewes District Council
A youth shelter in Sussex - image courtesy of Lewes District Council

A community action group in Welham Green is to involve local youth in the planning, funding and running of projects aimed at young people in the area.

The initiative comes from the recently-formed Welham Green Working Group, which met at St Mary’s school in the village on Monday night.

The first step will be to restart the dormant Welham Green Youth Project with support and initial guidance from Claire Taylor, one if its former officers. Local resident Helen Shearer will chair the group and will oversee fund raising and the involvement of local youth in projects they are interested in.

Another initiative is likely to be the financing of a meeting shelter for young people. The shelter would be a bit like a bus shelter with three solid sides and a place for urban art. The site has not been agreed yet, but the idea is to take young people away from the shops in Dellsome Lane and offer them somewhere covered to meet.

The Welham Green Working Group was set up in the summer as part of a local authority initiative to combat anti-social behaviour. Kerry Clare, head of the anti-social behaviour team at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, told the meeting that the response from local residents, particularly young people, had been encouraging.

The broader question of community, and the drafting and implementation of a Good Neighbourhood Agreement, was also discussed. The meeting threw up many ideas for community events and projects including a balloon day, fishing club, colts football team and christmas event.

Anyone who can offer any time, ideas or help of any sort either regularly or on an ad hoc basis should please contact Helen Shearer on 07906-632-401 or Peter Hastings on 07974-170-431. You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

Note: Peter Hastings is the chair of the Welham Green Working Group and a councillor on North Mymms Parish Council. The secretary of the group is Jenny Fletcher, a local resident.
13 November 2007
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