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Local firm wins Queen’s award

An OPRO mouthguard
An OPRO mouth guard
Local firm OPRO has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) by the Duke of Kent.

The Welham Green company supplies sports mouth guards to the national rugby teams of England, Scotland and Wales.

The royal visitor was presented with his own mouth guard, featuring his own insignia, during his visit to Welham Green on Friday 9 November.

OPRO was set up in 1995 by dental surgeon Dr Anthony Lovat, who was horrified by the number of patients that he treated who had suffered terrible and permanent damage as a result of sports injuries.

Dr Lovat said he was thrilled to receive the award.

“We have come a long way - OPRO started its life in our dining room with two staff from a temporary employment agency, my wife, myself and four folding tables.

“Over the last 12 years, OPRO has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of custom-fitting mouth guards in the world with a current daily production capability of 3,500 and this continues to grow thanks to our fantastic team.”

OPRO clients include more than 1,000 schools, sports colleges and local clubs from all over Great Britain, all the Guinness premier league rugby union clubs, members of the England, Scotland and Wales and other international rugby teams, the England hockey international squads and the English Lacrosse Association.

In the United States, OPRO is the official supplier of mouth guards to the US lacrosse national teams, Professional NFL teams, and are heavily involved with the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) whose members are involved with health and safety standards within US sports.

You can discuss this in a thread running in this site’s forum.

9 November 2007

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