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Fines follow motoring spot checks

Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park
Large numbers of drivers were given fines during police stop checks.

On-the-spot fines have been handed out to a large number of motorists caught driving illegally along Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park.

On Wednesday evening, 1 November, the community PC, Jo Wakelen and other officers from the Hatfield community team conducted the first of a series of traffic control exercises in the area.

PC Wakelen posted about the exercise in this site's community forum.

"The reason for this control was that many drivers (not necessarily from Brookmans Park I hasten to add) have been seen speeding down the road, using mobiles, driving without seatbelts, driving with front foglights on etc.

"It was felt that a control would hopefully bring to people's attention that these are offences which are ticketable. A number of drivers were given verbal advice, however there was also a large number who were given fines," she wrote.

PC Wakelen reminded motorists that it is against the law to use a mobile other than on a handsfree kit whilst driving a vehicle.

"This includes no texting or having your mobile in your hand even if it switched off. Currently the fine is 30.

"It is also illegal to drive your car without wearing a safety belt. The only people exempt from this law are those who have a medical certificate from their doctor stating why they can't weat a safetybelt and taxi drivers whilst they are carrying passengers. Again this fine currently stands at 30."

PC Wakelen said a number of drivers were spoken to regarding faulty lights on their cars.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

2 November 2006

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