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Gobions path clearance moves on apace

The new mower, being used along a path in Gobions Woodland
The new mower, being used along a path in Gobions Woodland
Image courtesy of Iain Aitken of GWT
The days of being prickled by thistles and stung by nettles while on a walk through Gobions could soon be a distant memory.

Volunteers have splashed out on a powerful new mower that can force its way through the thickest thistles and nettles, chewing them up and spitting them out along the way.

According to Michael Jonas of Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT), the machine moves at a steady walking pace and a job that once took several days to complete can now be done by one volunteer in one morning.

The machine, which cost 1,495, was purchased thanks to donations from HELP (the Hertfordshire Environmental Landfill Partnership), TRANSCO, and the HCC LA/21 programme. Further grants will provide training for volunteers in chainsaw work and a new hole borer to ease the job of fencing work.

Gobions Woodland Trust is always on the lookout for volunteers to join the regular Sunday morning work parties, which usually end with a pint of real ale in a local pub. To find out more you can call Michael Jonas on 01707-656531, or visit the Gobions Woodland Trust pages on this site. You can discuss this in the Forum

22 November 2004

Note: An article by Michael Jonas about the new mower first appeared in the autumn edition (issue 50) of the Chancellor's Community Newsletter.

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