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New community directory goes live

One of the many community meetings held in the area
Environmental work with Gobions Woodland Trust volunteers, just one local community activity.
Image courtesy of Iain Aitken
This site has a new feature which enables local community groups to publish details of their activities and meetings online.

It will also help anyone interested in becoming involved in community activities to find out about local organisations.

Click here to go to the new Community Directory.

The directory makes it possible for any user of the site to input and update information about their group.

The new facility, if used properly, could become a valuable collection of local information for anyone wanting to get involved in local activities, start a new group, or recruit new members.

Please either enter details in the community directory, or let anyone who runs a local community organisation know it exists.

If community group organisers are not online, please consider entering the details for them (with their agreement, of course).

As with all new functionality, there could be some teething problems. If you do encounter any problems please e-mail this site.

You can discuss the community directory in the Forum

13 November 2004

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