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Be seen and be safe

Road safety
At night, reflective material is best and shows up in car headlights. Fluorescent clothing does not work after dark.
Parents are being urged to make sure their children are safe on the roads during the darker months.

Hertfordshire County Council says that last year there was a dramatic increase in the number of road casualties in the county during October and November, with 15 people killed, and 142 seriously injured.

Of these, the vast majority were car users; however, the authority says pedestrians and cyclists, particularly children, are also vulnerable in poor light.

Herts has issued the following tips for parents:

  • Make sure that your child can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather.
  • Explain to your child why they should always wear something bright.
  • Bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day, especially in dull or misty weather.
  • By night, reflective material is best and shows up in car headlights. Remember, fluorescent clothing does not work after dark.
  • It is an offence to cycle at night without a white front light, a red back light and a red reflector at the back, so make sure that your child’s bike is properly equipped and working.
Hertfordshire County Council says it is determined to cut down on road casualties, which are higher at this time of year than any other.

Motorists are being urged to take extra care with their speed, allowing for weather conditions and youngsters crossing the road in the dark.

“During the winter months, more people are travelling home from work or school in the dark. As the nights draw in, everyone should take extra care on the roads - motorists should be extra vigilant and pedestrians and cyclists should make sure they are clearly visible," a council spokesperson said.

The authority’s Road Safety Unit is urging drivers to make sure they use their lights, slow down and look out for cyclists and pedestrians.

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9 November 2003

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