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Shop staff urged to park elsewhere

parking on bradmore green
Some village store owners say the lack of parking is forcing customer to shop elsewhere
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A campaign, entitled ĎWork Togetherí, has been launched in an effort to ensure that shoppers are able to park near the shops in Brookmans Park's village centre.

Three of the village's three dozen stores are carrying posters setting out the reasons behind the campaign.

It appears, from the wording of the poster, that some shop keepers feel staff from other businesses in the village are taking up parking spaces and preventing shoppers being able to park near the local shops.

Itís claimed this is losing those shops valuable trade. The following is the wording from the poster:

"Some residents have been commenting on their inability to find convenient parking space in Brookmans Park village centre. One informed us that at 9am, she had found no vacant parking spaces round the village green, and so had to shop elsewhere.

Some traders have bewailed at possible shoppers being put off by the lack of convenient parking. Obviously, they and their staff have to park their cars, but does it have to be in the centre?

We believe in, and hope to encourage shoppers to use, local shops, such as Brookmans Park, but the shopkeepers themselves must cooperate to ensure such shopping is convenient and enjoyable.

Is it not time for a Brookmans Park Traders Association to come together to discuss this and other joint interests? Anything to strengthen local shopping potential, both for Brookmans Park and surrounding small villages must be beneficial."

The notices are posted in the windows of the Regent Fruit and Vegetable store, Johnsonís the butcher, and the Post Office, Cards and Toys.

However it seems not all store owners agree with the campaign. One, when asked why they were not carrying the poster, described the campaign as Ďa load of hot airí.

Another said he could see both sides of the issue, but said that he was not prepared to park his car in a side road, or the station car park, for security reasons.

The issue has been discussed in this siteís forum, where a thread already exists on village parking. Another thread exists about the shops needed in Brookmans Park.

26 November 2003

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