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Adult volunteers needed for youth club

Report by Martin Ferdinando

Fresh efforts are underway to try to improve facilities for young people in the area. The development follows a meeting of the local Youth Liaison Group where young people, community leaders and volunteers, and the police, met to discuss a host of new ideas - many brought to the meeting by the teenagers themselves.

At the end of the meeting all went away with a list of new ideas and a determination to try to develop them.

The ideas include improved lighting and shelter for young people away from the shops, locating land for motorbikes and providing a youth club at the centre again.

The youth club at the North Mymms Community Centre only closed because of problems generated by some of the youngsters themselves and also because there were not enough adult volunteers to help run the facility.

It seems that some of the youth of Welham Green are now prepared to take a lead in ensuring appropriate behaviour is maintained and to look for some volunteer adult support to help run the facility.

The centre's management committee gave the teenagers who attended the recent meeting encouragement and offered guidance should appropriate adult support be found.

If you, or anyone you know, can help the youth of the village, please contact youth. Any volunteers will need to consent to appropriate background checks.

It is also hoped that a club for pre-teenage children will be started at the Centre if further arrangements can be made.

Other community centre issues

The Centre's next Jumble Sale is Saturday, January 11 from 10am to 12 noon. This bi-annual fund raising stint is a golden opportunity for residents to 'turn out the old when they bring in the new' at Christmas.

Look out for the flyers that will be delivered to all houses in Brookmans Park and Welham Green in December. The last sale in September raised more than 1,300 for centre funds. It looks likely that further work will be needed shortly on the roof and this may run into thousands of pounds, so please bear us in mind when doing that turn out!

The recent gales brought several trees down near the community centre. Two are clearly visible, fortunately falling away from the centre. The roots of the trees are now exposed beside the brook that runs adjacent to the centre's car park. The recently refurbished BMX track was unaffected.

The centre has recently had a number of enquiries for bookings and last weekend saw it booked Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as the usual lettings during the week. This weekend saw a wedding reception.

The new Willowbrook Nursery is doing very well, and it is planned to be open 5 days a week from January.

Finally, it is nearly a 'sell out' this coming Saturday, November 23, for the quiz night. If there are teams of eight out there that haven't yet booked, contact youth now!

The discussion about youth facilities is continuing in the forum and you can also join an earlier debate about the future of the community centre.

Martin Ferdinando
Committee Member
North Mymms Youth & Community Centre

November 17, 2002

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