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Commuter group to quiz WAGN manager

Brookmans Park Station
Brookmans Park Station
Security and vandalism are likely to be top of the list of issues discussed at the next meeting of the local commuter action group.

The station manager for Brookmans Park and Welham Green, Alan Neville, is scheduled to attend the November gathering of the Welham Green Rail Users Group (WRUG) and address concerns.

Organisers say all are welcome to attend.

"We hope Alan Neville will answer questions and update us on important security and anti-vandalism measures that are about to be put in place at Potter Bar station that could well have an impact on stations further along the line," a spokesperson for WRUG said.

"No doubt he will be facing tough questioning about last week’s appalling train service after the storms of Sunday, October 27, and the continuing disruptions due to engineering works. Do come along and make your views known."

WRUG says Alan Neville is duty bound to address the concerns they have and report back at a higher level on all problems that are occurring.

For more details of the meeting, set for Monday, November 11 at 7.30pm, phone 01707-276754 or e-mail wrug.

November 4, 2002

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