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Photographs needed for digital postcards

The bridge at North Mymms House over the River Colne
One of the current postcards. An image of the bridge at North Mymms House over the River Colne.
Have you taken a photograph of Brookmans Park that you think would make an ideal postcard?

If so, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are planning to update this site’s page of digital postcards early next year and need a new set of images depicting some of the best known views of Brookmans Park and North Mymms.

The current set of six images has been available for almost three years now. They were digitally manipulated to make them look like watercolour paintings and have been sent worldwide to friends and family by local residents.

Click here for the current postcard page.

But now it is time for a change. If you want to submit an image to be used as a digital postcard, please e-mail postcards.

The images will need to be scanned so they can be e-mailed. They will then be processed so that they can be put into a new postcard page and appear on the site. In January, the six best photographs will be selected and made available for all to use.

If you submit a photograph please make clear whether you want an acknowledgement on the page or whether you want to remain anonymous. The photographs must be your own work and in sending them you give the site permission to reproduce them online.

Unfortunately there will be no payment for the use of the images; this site is a non profit-making venture run by volunteers. Your only reward will be seeing your work used by others and possibly sent worldwide as a greeting.

November 22, 2002

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