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Timetable to return to normal

Autumn Leaves
WAGN aimed to stop leaves leaving commuters late for work.  Fujifilm
WAGN has announced that its 'leaf fall' timetable, introduced almost six weeks ago, is to end today, Monday, December 2. The move means that trains will once again run at the times given in WAGN's published timetable.

WAGN took steps to beat the leaves on the line delays this autumn by arranging for all trains to set off earlier than scheduled.

The company also introduced new "leaves on the line" procedures and training to try to avoid the problems that led to delays, cancellations and fraught nerves last year.

Were WAGN's procedures for beating the annual 'leaves on the line' problem a success? You can discuss the issue in the site's Forum.

November 25th, 2002

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