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Herts issues fire strike guidelines

Hertfordshire Fire Service has issued guidelines to try to prevent unnecessary fires during the 48-hour firefighterís strike. The strike, which is over pay, begins at 18:00 on Wednesday, November 13, and continues until 18:00 on Friday, November 15.

The authority's Chief Fire Officer says preparations have been made for the 48-hour stoppage but he has urged individuals to take extra care during the strike.

The Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service says the most important message in the event of fire is to get out and call 999 but the authority has also issued some basic guidelines for the public to follow:

  • Inspect your house for fire risks - carry out a thorough inspection room by room checking electrical wiring and equipment and all sources of heat
  • Buy or test smoke alarms - if you havenít got one, get one, if you have got one, test it, clean it and change the batteries if necessary. Replace it if itís too old.
  • Be prepared in case of fire - work out your escape routes and make sure all the family are aware of what to do if a fire breaks out
The authority says if people need more information and advice they should phone either 01438-737399 or 01923-471399. Detailed fire safety advice and regular updates are also contained on the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Serviceís website.

You can discuss the firefighter's strike in this site's Forum.

November 13, 2002

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