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BBC features local film producers

The poster for Making Juice: The Making of Juice

The film-making skills of Brookmans Park’s, Charlie Productions, have been highlighted by the BBC.

BBC LDN has put together a five-page feature following the team through a 48-hour race against the clock to produce a short film in record time.

It was all part of a competition to write, shoot and edit a short film between five and ten minutes in duration.

The film "Making Juice: The Making of Juice", ended up being named as one of the top ten films in the competition.

It will be screened at the Curzon Soho, Shaftesbury Avenue on Saturday, November 2, along with the other nine best entrants to the 48-Hour Challenge.

Charlie Productions say doors open at 9.30am for free tickets to the screening.

November 1, 2002

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