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Radar speed checks in village

Police have been operating radar checks in Brookmans Park in an effort to control speeding through the village.

A police forum in Welham Green on Thursday was told that officers have been using new hand held devices to gather evidence against offenders.

The meeting was told that special constables have also been issued with new equipment to use to control speeding through the village.

The information came in response to a series of questions raised by members of the public concerned about the speed some drivers travel through the village.

Last Saturday, November 17, special constables ran a 45-minute check on traffic travelling along Bluebridge Road heading towards Bradmore Green.

They said they found that all speeds during that time were less than 35 miles per hour but admitted speeds could well increase at other times of the day.

A police spokesman said it was, “always local residents who get caught”.

A packed meeting of more than 300 people in the Welham Green Memorial Hall heard calls for various traffic calming measures. Police representatives that they needed to take their case to the County Council's Highway's department, their local councillors and the Department of the Environment.

The main issue that dominated the meeting concerned, what was described as, anti-social behaviour in Welham Green with some residents saying they were so afraid of gangs of youths wandering the streets that they were scared to leave their homes.

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November 22, 2001

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