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More speed humps for Brookmans Park?

A poll on what should be done to reduce speeding through Brookmans Park suggests that the majority of the users of this site who voted favour speed humps.

This is based on the results recorded by 4pm on Sunday, November 18. The outcome will no doubt change.

The poll was put on this site after several people expressed concern in the 'Have Your Say' section about the speed some motorists drive through the village.

Bluebridge Road, Moffats Lane and Mymms Drive were areas of particular concern.

Speeding in Brookmans Park

What can be done to slow motorists down?

Speed cameras
Speed humps
Tougher penalties

Current Results
Of course a poll on a website is not a reliable gauge of public opinion and can easily be abused.

But the frequency of contributions and the lack of sudden peaks (as of 18/11/01) suggests that the outcome is a fairly accurate reflection of the opinions of those in the community who value and take seriously the chance to contribute to such debates on local issues.

On Sunday November 18, a total of ten people had voted for speed cameras, 16 said that speed humps would be most effective in slowing motorists down and four people voted for chicanes.

A public meeting is being held in Welham Green on Thursday night to enable the public to quiz representatives from Hertfordshire Constabulary about police issues such as speeding.

You can also use this site's 'Have Your Say'section if you have any views you wish to express.

November 18, 2001

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Speeding in Brookmans Park - November 9, 2001

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