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Speeding in Brookmans Park

Concern has been expressed on this site about the speed of some cars driven through Brookmans Park.

In an e-mail to the 'Have Your Say' section one local resident says he is genuinely concerned for the safety of our residents and visitors because of what he describes as 'inconsiderate' drivers.

Speeding in Brookmans Park

What can be done to slow motorists down?

Speed cameras
Speed humps
Tougher penalties

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He says many vehicles travel far in excess of the maximum 30mph speed limit and he criticises drivers for not being considerate enough to other road users and pedestrians.

“The drivers also seem to be unable or unwilling to stop or slow, for cyclists (however young), blind corners or for parked cars etc. Children cycling on the path are regularly subjected to speeding cars within a few inches of them. A small wobble could have disastrous consequences,” he writes.

This is not the first time concern has been raised on this site about the speed vehicles are driven through the village, particularly down Bluebridge Road and Moffats Lane.

A poll has been added to the site to gauge public opinion as to what would be the best measures to adopt to tackle the problem.

You can also write the site's 'Have Your Say'section if you have any views you wish to express.

November 6, 2001

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