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Folly Arch repairs delayed until spring

Repairs to Folly Arch have been put off until the spring, according to the North Mymms Green Belt Society. The work was scheduled to take place this spring (2001)and the NMGBS has been continuing to push for action throughout the summer. The society's Bob Horrocks now says that the Parish Council has been told by the owner of the Arch that the cracking has not got worse, and work will commence next Spring. The society has argued that there has been a deterioration in the structure. According to Mr Horrocks this is the first definite date to be given by the owner.

In July this year English Heritage wrote to the NMDGBS and the Parish Council about the situation. The following is the relevant extract from that letter taken from the society's website which has a special section on the listed building:

"English Heritage offered a substantial grant to the owners in November 2000. This was accepted in February 2001, and we were expecting a start to be made in Spring or Summer; Winter not being an appropriate time for such repairs. As there appeared to be no further developments, we wrote to the owners in June, and I followed this with a personal approach to them.

I am advised that negotiations have just been concluded with Welwyn Hatfield District Council in connection with the effect of the adjoining trees on the stability of the structure. There have also been negotiations with the building contractors over the additional scope of the works.

The contractors had been formally engaged in September 1999 to carry out a more limited scheme of work, but as they began to set up their site equipment, further displacement of the structure took place, indicating a need for more extensive repairs, and greater expenditure. As their contract could not be cancelled without incurring a financial penalty, the professional advisors have been engaged in agreeing a price with them for the additional work. Should this exercise prove unsuccessful, the work will be competitively tendered again. Nevertheless, the intention is to commence and complete he work before this Winter. The appointment of the contractors in 1999 shows commitment and I am hopeful that the current intention will be realised. I shall remain in contact with the owners and their advisors."

November 6, 2001

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