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Chancellor's School - improved results

The latest education league tables show a five percent improvement for Chancellor's School in the numbers of pupils gaining GCSE/GNVQ.

The Brookmans Park mixed comprehensive ranks above the area average and is on the national average.

The average is calculated taking into account the results of England's maintained secondary schools and colleges and independent schools, excluding special schools.

In 1998, 52% of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at grades A to C or GNVQ equivalents.

This remained the same in 1999, but rose to 58% last year and hit 63% in 2001.

BBC News Online has the results for Chancellor's school and there is a guide for those wanting to know how to interpret the results.

There is a table showing Chancellor's position in relation to GCSE/GNVQ results for all the area's schools and another showing advanced level results.

You can also compare the national figures for GCSE/GNVQ results and for advanced level results.

And there is also a table with the figures for all Hertfordshire establishments.

November 22, 2001

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