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Compensation details from WAGN

West Anglia Great Northern (WAGN) has announced the details of its scheme to compensate commuters following the disruption caused by the Hatfield derailment and the subsequent rail replacement programme. You can now download a compensation form from WAGN's website. The following is the text of a news release sent out by the company

WAGN News release


WAGN Railway has announced a 5 million package for customers to compensate for disrupted journeys following the Hatfield derailment.

The deal, to be funded jointly by Railtrack, train operators and the Strategic Rail Authority, also compensates for the severe weather conditions which led to flooding on many lines.

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WAGN Railway operates two routes - services to and from London Liverpool Street (West Anglia) and services to and from London Kings Cross and Moorgate (Great Northern).

Customers who use the Great Northern route have been most affected because this is where the Hatfield derailment occurred, resulting in the closure of the line for more than three weeks.

Customers with monthly or annual season tickets will receive a full refund equivalent to 19 days travel.

Our West Anglia customers have also experienced severe disruption due to speed restrictions and weather conditions. These monthly and season ticket holders will receive a full refund equivalent to 15 days travel.

In addition to these arrangements, first class season ticket holders will also receive a refund equivalent to the difference between first class and standard rate for this period because it was not a normal first class service.

Compensation forms will be available at stations from Monday. Although WAGN will endeavour to get compensation to its customers as quickly as possible, we would ask passengers to bear with us as the sheer volume of applications may take a little time to process.

These compensation packages apply for the period from October 17 - the date of the Hatfield incident - up to and including November 10.

Compensation arrangements for service disruption after November 10 are still being discussed but are likely to be along the lines of existing Passenger Charter requirements.

Details of compensation for customers with weekly tickets who travelled between these dates is still be finalised and are expected to be announced shortly.

Passengers who bought daily tickets will be eligible for a refund under the current Passenger's Charter agreement (20 percent refund) on the production of their ticket.

WAGN's Managing Director Dominic Booth, said: 'I am glad we have been able to reach an agreement on compensation for the benefit of our customers, who have experienced severe disruption since the Hatfield incident.

'I know it will not make up for the inconvenience they have endured over the past weeks, but I do hope it will go some way towards alleviating the difficulties experienced during these extraordinary circumstances.'

Note: Under the current Passenger Charter agreement, passengers are entitled to 20 percent refund on a day's travel if they are delayed by more than an hour, 40 percent if they are delayed by more than two hours.

End of WAGN news release

The two websites to keep checking for rail news are WAGN's and Railtrack's sites.

If you want to discuss the state of the railways or your journey to work please use the 'Have Your Say' section.

November 28, 2000

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